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Elusive Blood Tracking System

Elusive Blood Tracking System

Price: $99.99
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Detailed Description
NEW! Hands down the best blood tracking flashlight you have ever used or your money back! No gimmicks or colored LED's that don't work or even help you see blood. Several years of research have gone into developing the perfect blood tracking light. A precision optical semi-spherical lens combined with an extremely powerful LED is what sets this light apart from the rest. This light has a low, medium and a high power for finding blood and staying on the trail. It produces a perfectly balanced, smooth and very even beam of about 3 to 4 foot diameter while trailing and can also be focused to a tighter spot when searching fields or trying to cut through the underbrush to find your game up to 150 yards away. Includes smart charger with wall adapter, 12 volt car adapter and 2 protected high capacity lithium ion batteries for hours of tracking. Light only uses one battery so you will always have an extra battery on hand. Don’t be caught on a blood trail in the dark without it! Full 45 day money back guarantee that you will love it!

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