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The Eliminator Spinner Plate - Round


Product Description

Tired of wind, raccoons, and squirrels wasting your expensive corn and protein feeds? The-Eliminator is the solution!

The-Eliminator spinner plate is an innovative new design that can be added to any deer feeder with a 1/4" motor shaft.  When the motor spins, The-Eliminator drops down and throws feed.  When the feeding cycle is complete, the spring-loaded shaft returns the plate to the top position.  Mount The-Eliminator against your funnel or downspout for a tight seal. It excels as a spinner plate for truck, ATV, and UTV feeders because it is nearly immune to the bouncing and vibrations typical of this application.  Does The-Eliminator cost more than tradition spinners?  Yes, but with ever-rising price of corn and protein it could easily pay for itself in a few short months. 

Note: This is the round model.  We also have a rectangular model available.

If given the option for only “in store pick up” after a large order, please call us at 713-694-7552

Product Reviews

  1. Better than fences and varmint guards

    Posted by Larry Mabra on 10th May 2016

    We have two problems with feeders. First, cows love to get up there and flip the wheel with their tongues. I watched one nearly empty over 100 lbs of corn. So, we built fences around our feeders to keep the cows out. It had to be a substantial fence too. Lot's of hard work.
    Second, even with "varmint guards" of all types we found coons breaking them down to gain access. Squirrels are very good at finding a weak spot in your defenses.

    With the Eliminator you don't need a fence, no varmint guards, the wind does not blow out corn all the time, and birds can't get to the corn. Best money I've ever spent.

  2. Good Product

    Posted by Bill on 23rd Sep 2015

    The Eliminator works as described in the advertisement. It is a much better option than the cages normally used to keep critters out. I have it on all my feeders.

  3. Eliminator spinner blade (Round)

    Posted by Joe Bob on 21st Apr 2015

    This is a great product, it saves a lot of money in feed. It paid for itself the first month.

  4. Eliminates Varmint Cage

    Posted by LWMABRA on 26th Feb 2015

    The Eliminator made it possible to remove the varmint cage in use. The cage had to be repaired and rebent every few months due to coons.
    Only problem is it only lasted for about 2 years. Staff at Texas Direct said it might be a good idea to keep the plastic bushing lubricated with graphite or other dry lube. In our case the busing stuck and would not go up or down

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