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The-Remote Pro

Remote Pro

Product Description

The-Remote Pro has all the same features of The-Remote with the added features of having 10 separate channels. The-Remote Pro allows you to activate your feeder from up to 175 yards away!  It features ultra-low power consumption (less than 1/3 mA) so it won't drain your battery.  Works with 6 Volt or 12 Volt feeders, and is the perfect solution for controlling your truck/ATV feeder without wires.  Easy installation (instructions included).   

For use with feeders with only ONE motor and single-stage timers.


Click here to see the installation video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq4i2WFJM9Y 



Troubleshooting and tips for THE-REMOTE


What is the most common user error?


The most common error made by users is the way the transmitter is held and operated. The transmitter button must be depressed for at least one full second. THE-REMOTE receiver looks for a signal once a second for approximately five milliseconds. The user must depress the button for this five-millisecond time in order for the receiver to retrieve the signal. When the user quickly taps the transmitter button, the transmitter signal will not reach the receiver.




What are possible things that could interfere with THE-REMOTE signal reception & transmission?


THE-REMOTE transmitter and receiver are designed for use with a direct line of sight from the transmitter to the receiver. There are several things that can interfere with the signal reception/transmission.


  • Ground – The lower the receiver is to the ground, the more signal distortion can occur.
  • Weather Conditions – Fog and rain can shorten the signal
  • Physical Barriers – The signal works through glass and plastic but dense wood and metal can block and/or distort the signal. This includes wire fencing material and gridded wire, such as varmint guards.




How do I get the best reception for THE-REMOTE?


In order to achieve the best reception for THE-REMOTE receiver we recommend that the antenna be mounted in a vertical (up or down) position as high from the ground as possible and with no interference from feeder cages.




If I have interference from a varmint cage, how can I remedy this problem?


NEW PRODUCT – THE-REMOTE Antenna Extension was developed to extend the remote antenna outside wire varmint guards & cages.




Where does the signal from THE-REMOTE Transmitter come from?


The signal from THE-REMOTE transmitter comes from the side of the antenna. The signal does NOT come out of the end of the antenna. The transmitter antenna needs to point upward while depressing the button for a full second.




Can THE-REMOTE receiver be mounted within a wire varmint cage?


Yes! THE-REMOTE receiver can be mounted within a wire varmint cage but the reception distance may be shortened. Gridded wire interferes, distorts, and has the possibility of blocking the RF signal entirely (what is known as the Faraday shield).


Faraday Shield is a common problem found with low-profile feeders with cages from manufactures such as All Seasons Feeders, HB Hunting Products, Outback Wildlife Feeders, & others. NEW PRODUCT – THE-REMOTE Antenna Extension was developed to extend the remote antenna outside of the cage found on these feeders.




Does THE-REMOTE need a timer to operate the motor?


THE-REMOTE does not need a timer in order to operate a motor. It can be wired directly to a motor. In this case, the “to timer” wiring would not be needed/used.




Will THE-REMOTE work with THE-TIMER?


Yes! THE-REMOTE plugs and plays directly with THE-TIMER. To connect the two together, be sure to carefully plug in the correct wirings that are labeled for each “to timer” and “to motor.”




Can THE-REMOTE be used with other types and/or brands of timers than THE-TIMER?


Yes! When THE-REMOTE is wired into a timer (one other than THE-TIMER) and a motor circuit, the user must verify the polarity of the wires from the timer to the motor. Do not assume polarity based on wire coloring. To determine polarity from your timer to the motor, we recommend that you use a multi-meter. Damage could occur to the timer if your timer has no internal protection. When using a timer other than THE-TIMER, the user will not use the “to timer” wiring but will only use the “to motor” wiring splicing into the timer to motor circuit.




What type of battery is inside THE-REMOTE transmitter?


The transmitter uses a 27A battery. Over time, light corrosion from an old transmitter battery can accumulate on the battery screw lid; therefore, we recommend that it is changed at least once a year for best performance. For proper connectivity, it is important to keep the transmitter battery area free of corrosion.




What type of fuse is used on THE-REMOTE?


There is a 15amp blue mini fuse on THE-REMOTE power supply wires.




Is THE-REMOTE transmitter waterproof?


No! THE-REMOTE transmitter is NOT waterproof. When the transmitter is not in use, it is best to store it in a dry and climate-controlled area free from natural elements. Any of the following examples could be the cause of the transmitter to fail over time:


  • Transmitter left in natural elements (i.e. rain, dew, high humidity)
  • Submerged underwater (i.e. washed in clothes, dropped in water)





If given the option for only “in store pick up” after a large order, please call us at 713-694-7552

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